BPI Exam Prep with Corbett Lunsford
You don't just need Technical Know-How.
You also need to Ace your Exams.
Let's Do This.

Corbett personally guides you through the process of self-study with:

  • Six Self-Study Guidance Video Talks
    • #1: My Strategy for Exam Prep
    • #2: The Technical Standard
    • #3: The Task List
    • #4: The Field Exam
    • #5: The Online Exam
    • #6: 100 Question Practice Exam (reviewed by BPI)
  • Assigned Tasks and Quizzes
  • Recommended Resources for Technical Study
  • All the Documentation You Need to Ace your Exams
100-question multiple choice practice exam to help you practice for your upcoming Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, Heating Professional, A/C or Heat Pump Professional online exam. It includes tons of practice questions that'll help you in real life situations too!